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Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Bill 193, Payday Advances Act

Legislative Assembly of Ontario. Bill 193, Payday Advances Act

Where no hearing needed

(2) The Tribunal is not needed to pay for a payday loan provider a hearing under this area in the event that Tribunal has formerly discovered, in a hearing under area 12, that the payday loan provider charged a charge or a sum in contravention of the Act or gotten a repayment in contravention for this Act according to the debtor whom applies for relief under subsection (1).


(3) In the event that Tribunal sales a payday loan provider to refund a sum under this area, the Tribunal might also purchase excellent or damages being punitive such other relief since it considers appropriate.


35. (1) you were bad of a offense in the event that individual,

(a) provides false information in a credit card applicatoin under this Act;

(b) does not conform to an purchase, way or other requirement under this Act; or

(c) contravenes or fails to comply with any supply for this Act or perhaps the laws.


(2) An officer of the company is responsible of a offense she fails to take reasonable care to prevent the corporation from committing an offence mentioned in subsection (1) if he or.

Charges – people

36. (1) Every specific convicted of an offense under this Act is likely to an excellent of no more than $50,000, to imprisonment for a term of no more than couple of years less a time, or both.

Same – corporations

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